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Medicinal Cannabis

Canna-Pharms is a State of the Art laboratory producing high quality 100% pure medicinal grade extracts using our exclusive patented extraction process for research. Although our focus is on cannabis extraction we also produce many medicinal grade essential oil extracts.

Industrial Cannabis

Fiber and fuel, ground breaking technology producing chemical free industrial cannabis for strong fiber and clean green fuel. Our pesticide free farm is for a yearly harvest of well known strains of industrial cannabis used to manufacture such products as Hempcrete and Biohemp Fuel.

Nutritional Cannabis

Omega-3, Omega-6, Omega-9, Natures most perfectly balanced oil, Cannabis seed and cannabis oil. Using our own patented process Canna-Pharms has a wide variety Cannabis nutritional products. Specializing in Edible Cannabis Oils and supplements for retail and commercial applications.

Canna-pharms most popular cannabis strains INFORMATION

For years Canna-Pharms has been focused on popular varieties

that produce the purest hybrids and the highest yields for maximum results.

Latest Blog Post
Now Open For Business

We now have an online shop.

Canna-Pharms new Online Shop ships worldwide. Browse our selection of products, use our secure discreet checkout, shipping is discreet from our 3rd party shipping partner Shop-n-Dropship logistics.

All proceeds from our shop help fund our cannabis research and provide new technologies and equipment. To help support our not-for-profit research you can make a purchase or a donation and every penny goes towards making a difference.